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Our cow horns are raw and unpolished only.

OLD STOCK: Last of the Filipino horns, darker grey green color, not pretty, not very good for scrimshaw some are very hollow and some very solid good for biodynamic farming (filling with manure and burying) carving, dog chew toys, no pairs!
(AA) 6" - 9" long - $5.00
(A) 10" - 14" long - $7.00

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NEW STOCK: Wonderful new stock, from local American born and raised in the far west citizen steers and cows, Republicans, Democrats and Independants in pairs, nicely curved and twisted good for powder, drinking or helmet horns, some with light color good for scrimshaw.
(B1) 10" - 14" long (single) - $15.00
10" - 14" long (only 1 pair left!) - $32.00
(C1) 15" - 18" long (single) - $17.50
15" - 18" long (pairs) - $37.00

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BKS65 "Powder Horns - Fabrication & Decoration"
by Jim Stevens

Learn to create beautiful, functional powder horns, 275 color photos illustrate working, shaping, decorating, and finishing techniques. Historic and modern tools and equipment are introduced for inlays, engraving and scrimshaw. Leather strap weaving and braiding methods are also provided for carrying the finished horn in an authentic manner. For inspiration a photo gallery shows finished powder horns and a contact list includes the artist featured. There is no bettter resource for the craftsman seeking to make an authentic functional powder horn.

Please Note:  Orders for merchandise totaling less
than $50.00 are charged a $5.00 processing fee.
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