Narwhals, the mysterious unicorns of the sea, live in the Arctic Ocean and grow to about 18' (not including the tusk). The males grow an elongated tooth that spirals out clockwise to form a tusk reaching 9' in length. This ivory tusk has been attributed with the creation of the unicorn legends. The tusks have a small hollow that runs nearly the full length, the ivory has no grain or core like elephant, mammoth or walrus but looks more like sperm whale ivory with a pencil sized hollow. Narwhals have been a protected species since 1972 and importation is prohibited. We have a selection of old tusks for sale that were imported in the mid-1900s and are legal to sell anywhere in the U.S. and can also be shipped internationally. These are extremely rare if you can find one. Now is your opportunity to own the rarest, most mysterious, unique and beautiful of the ivories and at a reasonable price. We can make a wood base of beautiful maple burl or you can stand it in a corner without a base or hang it on the wall. Call for current selection.

We do not ship narwhal ivory out of the U.S. If you are over seas we recommend visiting (Ron Gray). He sells in Canada and over seas U.S. sales.

Tagua nuts are the seeds of a tropical palm tree from South America. Very hard with a
thin dark skin and subtle grain, a fine low-priced ivory substitute - $35.00 each.

We are selling off these pieces that came from the J. L. Houston Company, a company that imported and used all types of ivory in their manufacturing for the Alaskan ivory trade from the 1950’s till the 1990’s. This narwhal ivory was imported in the 1960’s from Pond Inlet, Nunavut Canada where the narwhal are still hunted by the Inuit. J. L. Houston was one of the permit holders for sperm wale teeth they used all types of ivory in their business. They switched over to gold and silver jewelry manufacturing and finally closed their doors forever last year. We will never have this material again once it is gone, do not hesitate if you want a piece.

(1.) Beautiful Capped Narwhal
Ivory with Cubic Zirconia
Pendant - $95.00
Narwhal Crosscut Earrings with Gold Filled Findings
Sold - please inquire!
(2.) Beautiful Capped Narwhal
Ivory with Cubic Zirconia
Pendant - $125.00


These cross cuts (2-1/8" at the smallest dimension) reveal the unique and beautiful interior of this rarest of ivories, we are the only place in the world selling these. Hand scrimshawed by Northwest scrimshaw artist Peter Kinney, these come with a exotic wood base.

(A) $225.00
(B) $225.00


Narwhal Tusk Base
Narwhal Tusk Base
Narwhal Tusk Base Narwhal Tusk Base
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