Wonderful boxes, snuff bottles, inro & flasks made from genuine bone. It is aged to give the look & feel of antique ivory at a fraction of the cost. Particularly fascinating are the over 300 year old Yupik Eskimo pictograph scenes (see photo below). These depict hunting, fishing, dancing, the blanket toss, village celebrations and shamanistic ceremonies. We also have knives, letter openers, bolo ties, pendants and barrettes with these designs, please inquire. Equally intriguing are the ancient Anasazi Petroglyph designs. Mysterious anthropomorphic (part human, part animal, part alien!) designs recorded 1,000s of years ago in the American Southwest. Only a portion of our stock is listed. Let us know if a substitution is ok, or inquire about new items that didn't make it into this catalog.

CIGARETTE BOX (BA01-13) with hinged lid, (7/8 ' x 2-1/4" x 3-5/8"):
(AB) Alaskan Bear scene-$50.
(MS) Morgan Ship scene-$50.
(EP) Eskimo Pictograph scene-$55.
(DS) Duck Scene mallard landing on a tree lined pond-$48

CYLINDER BOX (BEAD TOP) (BA24-8) with gracefully domed lid & bead knob, (1" tall x 1-1/2" diam.):
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs scrimshawed around side-$38.
(SW) Ship & Whales scrimshaw scene around side-$36.

CYLINDER BOX-SHORT (BA24-7) with flat lid (7/8" tall x 1-1/2" diam.) scrimshawed with:
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs on sides & lid-$36.
(SWC) Whaling scene on sides, compass points on lid-$38
(SWSC) Whaling scene on sides, skull, crossbones and compass points on lid-$38.

CYLINDER BOX-TALL (BA03-16) with flat lid (1-1/4" diam. x 1-1/2" tall):
(GC) Globe scrimshaw around sides, compass points on lid-$38.
(GCS) Globe scrimshaw around sides, compass, skull & crossbones on lid-$38.
(AP) Anasazi Petroglyph designs on sides & lid-$38.
(EP) Eskimo Pictograph designs on sides & lid-$38.

GINGER JAR-NARROW (BA03-10) with narrow base, slight domed lid and ball top (2-1/4" tall):
(CS) Crane Scene lattice carved top-$35.
(SW) Ship & Whale solid top with bead-$45.

GINGER JAR-FLARED (BA03-11) with flared base, high dome lid and ball top (2 -1/2" tall):
(PS) Pheasants Scene-$35.
(SW) Ship & Whale-$45.

GRECIAN VASE (BA03-5) elegant 3-1/4" tall urn with side handles and a domed lid with bead top. Pet Monkeys scene scrimshawed on the sides-$38.

LIGHTER CASE (BA03-4) or long needle case with hinged lid ( 1-1/4" x 3-1/2"):
(EP) Eskimo Pictograph scrimshaw designs-$48.
(AP) Anasazi Petroglyph scrimshaw designs-$48.

"MAGIC" BOX (BA01-12)  with trick side swinging toggle lid (1" x 1-1/4" x 3-1/4"):
(BC) British Lion Crest on top-$48.
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs designs on top and sides-$55.

PENDANT BOX (OVAL INRO) (BA07-1) 1.5" x 3.5" pulls open, has shallow compartment, on 33" loop cord. These are really quite interesting, scrimshawed designs on both sides:
(AP) Anasazi Petroglyphs-$45.
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs-$45.
(SWC) Ship, Whale & Compass-$45.

RECTANGULAR BOX (BA01) with bone hinged lid (3/4" tall x 1-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" long):
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs scrim'd on lid & sides (best seller)-$40.
(C/SE) Eagle head carving with inlaid eyes mounted on lid, eagles with mountainous background scrim'd on sides-$38.
(C/SKW) Killer Whale carving on lid, Orca & fish scrimshawed scene on sides-$38.

SNUFF BOTTLE (BA02) bone lid & spoon (2-1/2" tall):
(SW) Ships & Whale scrimshaw scene-$35.
(W) Wolves scrimshaw scene-$32.
(E) Eagles scrimshaw scene-$32.

TEA BOX (BA03-1) with trick side swinging toggle top (7/8" x 2-1/4" x 3-1/2"):
(EP) Eskimo Pictograph scrimshawed designs-$55.
(SW) Ships and Whale scrimshaw scene-$60.

THREE SIDED BOX (BA03-02) approx. 2-1/2" tall with hinged lid; this is really neat, men especially like it!
(EP) Eskimo Pictographs scrimshaw designs -$45.
(SWC) Ships & Whale and Compass points scrim'd scene-$48.

TOOTH PICK HOLDER (BA03-3) 1-1/4" diam. x 2-1/2" tall cylinder: 
(EP) Eskimo Pictograph scrimshaw scene-$40.
(AP) Anasazi Petroglyph scrimshaw scene-$40.
(SW) Ships & whale scrimshaw scene-$40.

VASE (TALL NECK) (BA03-7) with lattice carved top (3-3/4")
(FS) Floral scene-$38.
(SW) Ship & Whale-$48.

WICKER BOX (BA01-6) carved to look like woven wicker, with hinged lid (3/4" x 1-1/4" x 2-1/2"):
(PL) Plain Wicker carved-$32.
(SFC) Ship, Flags & Cannons scene on lid-$38.

"WOLF CHASER" SPEARHEAD PENDANT (DB4-1) with pictographs, 5" long "blade" with Eskimo pictographs on face side, circles on back side. With 32" black leather cord,wonderful-$24.

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