These are examples of our inro selection. We have others; please enquire.

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INW04 FISH Wood single compartment, inlaid bone eyes, head slides up the cords to reveal hollowed interior compartment, wood octopus netsuke on end, very nice-$75.

INW07 FAN & CHERRY BLOSSOMS spread across both sides of this 3-compartment 4-layer wood inro, eggplant netsuke on end, nice-$75.

INW050 DRAGONFLY INRO 2" wide x 2 1/2" long wooden box with a dragonfly carved on both sides, has four parts, three compartments and a bone ojime bead-$65.

INW059 TURTLE INRO 2 1/2 " wide x 4" long wooden turtle pulls apart into 4 parts, 3 compartments & a bone ojime -$65.

INIV23 GUARDIAN & ONI (demon) single-compartment ivory inro-$175.

INIV14 DAIKOKU patron god of craftsmen, single-compartment ivory inro-$175.

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NTICCN "CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS" Certain diving waterfowl are used for catching fish in the far east.  A long cord is used to retrieve the bird after the catch is made, a string around its neck keeps it from swallowing the catch. An exquisitely sculpted depiction of the disgruntled bird voicing its profit sharing complaints with a squawk and a sharp pull on the management's "pony tail" Incredibly expressive, beautifully detailed from the muscle tone, fingernails and teeth to the feathers, woven cords, baskets, clothing textures and colors.  The man is 11 1/2" tall, mounted on an ironwood base (a silver quarter shown for scale), easily worth $6,000, priced at only-$2,700.  Please request detailed color images of this quality carving done in the style of European sculpture.

JAPANESE VENDOR 6" tall man with ornately engraved and gold etched kimono is carrying a mask and a large dice on a branch over his right shoulder, in his left hand is a wine flask. An excellent carving with fine details, signed on inlaid bone on underside-$90.

W041 REFLECTIVE MONKEY sitting with his feet crossed, holding a peach in his lap with his right hand. He is touching his left index finger to his lips in a thoughtful manner. Nearly 6" tall, he has bone & ebony eyes, a great piece-$75.

W042 RASCAL RABBIT CARVING sitting up on his haunches, looking/sniffing around for a carrot patch. About 6" tall, with inlaid bone & ebony eyes, only-$65.

W043 GOLDEN CICADA 6" long "gumpy" looking Kappa kinda creature with inlaid bone & ebony eyes, squatting down on all 4's, it has a large Chinese coin (carved wood) in its mouth, the kind with the square hole in the center-$75.

W044 FROGS WALKING Two courtly frog gents out for a stroll on a lily pad, one is holding the other's "arm" as if to assist. A great piece, 4.5" tall, both have inlaid bone & ebony eyes-$75.

W055 HUMAN SKULL One of the finest hand carved skulls we've ever seen. Very nice detail, carved teeth (upper & lower!), this is a beauty.
(A) 4" tall, about 5" front to rear-$90.
(B) 5" tall x 6" front to back-$105

W055A ZODIAK BALL 4" diameter wood ball with the 12 zodiak animals deeply carved and intertwined, all with inlaid bone eyes. An interesting piece of work, with a ring base-$125.

W903 EROTIC BOX 1 3/4" wide x 3" long carving of a man on a woman on a woven mat with the top carved and gold leafed to look like a blanket over the man's back. The "lid" (man's back) lifts off to reveal his nude front on the inside, the inside of the "box" reveals her nude front-$90!

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NTICF FISHERMAN A wonderful ivory sculpture, an obviously happy fisherman in traditional clothing with "woven" hat has caught a nice fish with his ivory bamboo pole. The carved rattan basket at his side is filled with more.  His clothing has many rich colors, textures and etched designs.  Hes 7" tall and standing on an ironwood base with cinnabar chop inlay.  A $3,000 carving, only-$1,200.

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