"Findings" is the word for the components that go with a gemstone (i.e., our ivory ovals) to make a finished/wearable jewelry piece. A "bezel" is the rim that goes around the ivory. A "cabochon" is a shaped (oval, etc.) "stone" (ivory in our case) with a domed top (ours are slightly domed). A "blank" is a flat topped shaped "stone." Beginning scrimshaw artists (scrimshanders) usually start with blanks because the flat surface is easier to work on than the slightly domed, but we recommend using cabochons as soon as possible. Cabochons are slightly more expensive due to extra ivory thickness, but always look nicer in the findings. We have included other items in this section to go with our ivory cabochons and blanks. We of course attempt to cull out the chalky ivory. If you get a cab or blank that "sucks ink," please return it for a replacement and accept our apology.

BB11 SMALL OVAL wide rim polished brass dress buckle with 43mm x 30mm flat ivory, very popular - $21.00, with domed ivory - $23.00. Polished brass buckle without ivory - $8.00
SF19 BONE EARRINGS - Polished white bone, very nice for scrimshawing, complete with silver eye screws & stainless steel earring hooks.
(A) HEARTS Elongated 20mm x 30mm - $3.50 per pair.

SF44.7 MONEY CLIP WITH BLADES (knife & file) polished steel 1" x 2" with ivory overlay on top, ready for scrimshaw - $18.00.

The triangular pointed ones, used by many scrimshaw artist. Fits our scrimshaw tool #SS09. 5-$3.00.

More saturated color & cheaper. Red, blue, yellow, green, brown, magenta, white & black one oz. bottles (if you just need black this is what you want)-$4.50 ea.
(B) BOMBAY SAMPLE INK KIT has small (5/8 dram) glass vials of each color-$10.

Liquid acrylic voted the best here, thick and rich colors! Violet, yellow, orange. $4.50 per oz. bottle.

The absolute key to obtaining fine detailed work. A precision headband magnifier that leaves both hands free and allows 3-dimensional vision. Can be used with eyeglasses, is incredibly comfortable and leaves every other magnifier in the dust. (2.75 power) Try one, you'll wonder how you managed without one - We have never gotten one back!-$18.

SS07 SCRIMSHAW KIT - (SORRY we are not currently making scrimshaw kits!).
Learn the fascinating art of scrimshaw even if you can't draw! Kit includes steel tipped tool, India ink, plastic practice pieces, pre-polished ivory practice piece, ivory pendant & chain, special pencil for drawing on polished ivory surface and instructions. The finest kit available, it has more real ivory than any other kit (some have no ivory, all are higher priced), priced at just - $20.00 each. This kit will give you the basics, if you want more than basics we recommend getting a good book too. You can also go to your local library and see what they have or can get for you (through an inter-library loan). The kit comes with a basic tool (wood dowel with steel needle), we sell a professional quality tool regularly priced at $7.00 that we will include in the kit for an additional $5.00

SS08 SCRIMSHAW PENCILS - It's nearly impossible to draw a design on polished ivory—you'll need one of these ALL SURFACE pencils, they have magical properties-$2.50 each.

SS09 SCRIMSHAW TOOL-ADJUSTABLE PIN & BLADE VISE - Looks like an aluminum pen but has a 2" steel tip that can be easily sharpened with a whetstone or fine sandpaper and stores inside the handle for safe carrying. This tool will also hold a #11 Exacto blade, which can be used for scrimshaw, carving, trimming photos, etc. An excellent tool used by many fine scrimshanders, with steel tip - $6.00 Or get the tool with steel tip and 1 Exacto blade for just - $7.00
(B) Replacement tips 5 - $2.50
(C) Exacto blades #11 are just 5 - $3.00
(D) Arkansas whetstone It is important to keep your scrimshaw tool sharp and a whetstone is the best way. These are 1/4" thick x 1" wide x 3" long and come with instructions to keep your scrimshaw tool and knife blades sharp, only - $4.00 Same but comes in a nice top grain leather pocket pouch for only a buck more - $5.00

SS11 SCRIMSHAW PRACTICE MATERIAL - 1/8" thick x 3" x 6" sheet of white plastic with glassy smooth surface is perfect for practicing on. Surface is protected with a peel-off paper cover, only $2.00 each; get a couple.

SS14.5 CUTLER'S & CARVER'S GLUE - Better & cheaper than ZAP A GAP, magic on ivory cracks and porous bone. Just squirt, wipe and sand with medium paper and repeat. The dust goes into the crack/pores and instantly hardens. Repeat to fill the crack/pores, buffing will result in a hard glassy finish. Will turn a sponge into carving or handle material, repairs and prevents cracks. 1/2 oz - $3.00, 1 oz - $4.00, 2 oz - $8.00, 16 oz - $48.00!


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