Gleaming white gold wire wrapped Mako teeth from the South Pacific, fossil teeth from the phosphate pits in Morocco and the rivers and estuaries of South Carolina. Popular and getting increasingly difficult to obtain. Other sizes/species available, please call & inquire.

FS09 NEW SHARK TEETH NECKLACES White shark tooth (3/4" long), with gold wire wrap & leather necklace cord -$4.

SRK00 CARCARODON (FOSSIL SHARK) TEETH 50 million years old give or take a few years. From the Carolina coast, divers find these wide, triangular shaped black stone teeth in the sandy river bottoms.
(C) 3 3 1/2" long, beach polished, minor damage such as chips, still very nice specimen-$25.
(D) 3"-3 1/2" long, beach polished, nice-$35.
(F) 3 3/4"-4 1/4" long specimen with minor chips, still nice-$55.
(G) 4 1/2"-5" long specimen, has minor damage-$75.
(H) 4 1/2"-5" long specimen, very impressive-$95 .
(I) 5 1/8"-5.5" long, damage on roots, still very impressive-$100.
(J) 5 1/8"-5.5" long specimen, nice!-$145.

SRK03 HEMI PRISTUS Fossilized Shark tooth necklace. A rare and unusual shaped tooth with very heavy, defined serrations along its wide edge. Gold wire wrapped, with 18" gold chain or 28" black leather cord, your choice:
(A) 1"-$8.
(B) 1 1/4"-$10.

SRK04 LAMNA SHARK TEETH ("TRIADS") Approx. 1-3/4" wide x 2-1/4" long brown tooth with a smaller secondary tooth protruding down from the root on either side. Vicious looking, from the phosphate pits of Morocco, nice & unusual!
(A) Select excellent specimen-$15.
(B) Select large nearly 2-3/4" long monster-$20.
(C) Select jumbo nearly 3" monster-$25.
(D) Very good-one secondary chipped or broken-$12.
(E) Even better both secondaries missing, primary is perfect, so looks like a regular shark tooth!-$10.



SRK08 MAKO TEETH "Sea Wolf Teeth" Finally! We have located beautiful, pristine "Sea Wolf" teeth (mako shark) again. We are offering them Classic Wrapped in 14K gold-filled (GF) or sterling silver (SS) wire for the same price. These are worn by men or women & utilize a new technique for a rich, elegant look at a low cost. For 24" brown or black leather neck cord add 75 cents, for 18" gold chain add 50 cents.

(A) 1 1/8"-$9.
(B) 1 1/4"-$14.
(C) 1 3/8"-$16.
(D) 1 1/2"-$18.
(E) 1 5/8"-$24.
(F) 1 3/4"-$32.
(G) 1 7/8"-$48.
(H) 2"-$65.

SRK10 TIGER SHARK TEETH A wide wedge-shaped tooth with a distinct offset and serrations, the type used by South Pacific Islanders to line the edges of their war clubs (ouch!).
(AA) 3/4" long-$1.55 ea., 20 or more-$1.20 ea.
(A) 7/8" long-$2.25 ea., 20 or more-$1.75 ea.
(B) 1" long-$3.25 ea, 20 or more-$2.50 ea.
(C) 1 1/8"-$5.75, 20 or more-$4.50 ea.
(D) 1 1/4"-$7, 20 or more-$5.50 ea.


TOLL FREE ORDER LINE 1-800-423-1945


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