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NEW - Additions to our Narwhal Ivory

Mostly mammoth with probably some walrus and bit of elephant flat and chunky for jewelry etc. to small for knives - $30.00 per pound we only have about 100 pounds (we can pull out the walrus and elephant for international shipments).

We are selling off these pieces that came from the J. L. Houston Company, a company that imported and used all types of ivory in their manufacturing for the Alaskan ivory trade from the 1950’s till the 1990’s.

New Mammoth Ivory Bark Bracelets

Genuine Mammoth Ivory Cribbage Board
with Scrimshaw -
Sale Priced - $375.00

Carved Bone & Wood flintlock Pistol

Nantucket basket with Scrimshawed Ivory Plaque

One of a Kind or Limited
Sale Items!
Updated: 02/01/2015
Mediterranean Treasures
Jewelry Collection
Unique Ivory Jewelry & Gifts
Sale priced!

Antique Trade Beads
1911 Pistol Grips
Updated: 02/18/2015
Preban Ivory Netsuke
Sale 30% Off!
Updated: 01/15/2014
Preban Elephant Tusks
Sale priced!
Updated: 02/18/2015

Elephant Ivory Cabochons
Quanity Sale!
New Simulated Pearl
1911Full Sized Grips
Ostrich Eggs
Bone Skulls & Skeletons
Sale 10% Off!

Hippo Tusk Page
Updated: 02/05/2015
Polar Bear Fur
Bone Handled Knives
Fishhook Necklaces

Unclassified Misc.
New Universal
Simulated Ivory
SAA 1 or 2 Piece Kit
Carved Fossil Walrus Oosik Eaglehead
by David Adams

We regularly add new items to the website (last updated: February 19, 2015 ). Check back frequently to see what's new! LINKS PAGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We are putting together a links page to show the many ways you use our products and to hopefully direct some business your way. If you are interested in participating, please email a photo with a group or single piece of your work along with a brief description of what you do plus all your contact info; address, telephone number, website and email. Send it to:

We comply with C.I.T.E.S., U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Washington State Department of Game regulations and that all of our products are legal to own, buy, sell and ship within the United States. The wildlife products we offer for sale are obtained legally and in a manner not detrimental to the survival of the wildlife species. The source of these products are wildlife ranches, museums, old estate sales, legal sport and subsistance hunting, trapping, and government controlled culls which are necessary to maintain healthy balanced wildlife populations.

The natural history art we offer is always in demand. Besides an aesthetic value there is the prospect of a solid long term investment as many of these products become unobtainable (the fossil ivories, artifacts & trade beads, to name a few). Possessing these fascinating specimens and sharing their beauty and interesting background with others helps create a desire to learn about science and history. The proof is that a number of schools, museums and park boards purchase specimens from us for educational purposes. Share your collection/hobby with others; it's fun, educational and tax deductible if used for office decor.

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