Walrus Ivory Ruger New Vaquero Grips


Beautiful New Vaquero walrus ivory grips made from vintage pre 1972 ivory and is therefore legal for us to work with.  The panels came from opposite sides of the same tusk section, one exhibits the handsome black cracks that are natural on the outer facing side of large walrus tusks, the other panel from the inner side of the same tusk has none, that is the way walrus tusks are. The inside displays the beautiful creamy core that resembles burl and is unique to walrus ivory. All cracks are stabilized and all of our grips are guaranteed against breakage.  These will fit the New Vaquero XR3 frame, not the Vaquero or Blackhawk.

Walrus ivory core often has naturally occurring fractures, in the secondary dentine that are non structural. The fractures have been stabilized and these grips are guaranteed against breakage for life on a working gun.

Handmade from our very limited stock of vintage ivory tusks from walrus that died before 1972.  This ivory predates the Marine Mammal Protection Act and is legal for non-natives (us) to work with. We buy this ivory when available from individuals, aging collectors and inheritors in the lower 48 states, one or two tusks at a time; it does not come from Alaska. 

US sales only!  Check your state laws.

For international orders, please see our Mammoth Ivory Grips!

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