Narwhal Tusk and Walrus Tusks Display
Boone Trading Company $17,500.00 $12,750.00


A very vintage 72” tall pre 1972 narwhal tusk that has 3 perfectly matched bull walrus tusks for legs and stands upright for display.  Very nicely twisted tusk was used as a floor lamp at one time with the cord going up through the hollow and coming out the side up towards the tip.  The cord and bulb fixture were suspended from the cross bar walrus tusk.  This could be rewired and used again as a most unique floor lamp or display it as is.  We could make and insert an ivory or ebony plug for the hole or just display it hole against the wall.  Was priced at only-$17,500.  Price includes shipping and insurance. We prefer a check or bank transfer for this purchase.

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