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Gorgeous Mammoth Ivory Chunky Layers.  These layers are ideal for inlay, jewelry pendants, earrings, small carvings etc.  Each of these mostly 4 1/2" to 5" long pieces has been run through a bandsaw and are flat on one side, most are about 3/4" - 3" wide. The thickness varies from 1/8" up to  3/4", This material is great for making jewelry, small carvings, guitar picks etc.  Most pieces have some layer separations and cracks, look at the photos of the ends of sample bags. Pieces can be cut shorter with a hacksaw if you don't have a bandsaw and then layers can be popped apart with a screwdriver or hammer and chisel.  There is a mix of thick and thin.  The photos represent a sample of a Lot bag but not necessarily the bag you will receive.

Be aware of your state laws regulating mammoth ivory.

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