Walrus Mask with Scrimshawed Seals, Whales and Walrus.


A handsome nose plate or mask, this is the front part of a walrus skull with the tusks but without the cranium.  The tusks were nicely scrimshawed in color with ribbon seals and a native kayker on the inside of one tusk and a walrus and two bowhead whales scrimshawed on the inside of the other.  The scrimshaw was done years ago by Boyd William Didrickson, a Tlingit subsistence artist, elder and a local Native icon, who passed away in 2016.  A lifelong Sitka resident, Boyd was born at home in the Indian Village on Aug. 7, 1943. He was well-known in Sitka,  with his knowledge of his culture and his involvement in the Indian Village Artists as well as 3 Guys by the Church – a small shop on Lincoln Street that was filled with Native artifacts, art and crafts that he had collected from around the state, and that drew visitors and locals alike. In addition to being a gifted artist and craftsman, Boyd was an ivory worker, hunter and fisherman.

“When we think of Boyd, we think of the knowledge he had, the knowledge of his culture and the love he had for keeping that alive,” his family wrote for his obituary.

This mask itself is 21" from top to tips and is mounted on a 26" long stained wood plank.  The tusks are removable, held in place by screws.  Mariann told me just now she thinks this one is exceptional, I agree.  Shipping is included.

All the walrus masks we sell are from the 1900’s and are being reintroduced into the market, they are decades old, always purchased in the lower 48 from previous owners. We do not buy any of these in Alaska where they are still being hunted for food. Some of ours are pre 1972 and others have native Alaskan scrimshaw, both are legal to buy and sell. No one is hunting walrus to supply us with these; they are all “recycled”.

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