Fossil Walrus Ivory Hand Carved Skull
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Fossil Walrus Ivory Carved Skull with areas of lovely outer bark color showing, measuring 1-1/4" tall.  This was carved by Trisha Webster

For over 5,000 years Eskimos in the coastal villages along the Bering Sea fashioned sled runners, net weights, chopping tools and other utensils out of readily available ivory. That ivory became hidden from the world for centuries, when it was discarded in the village middens (dumps) along with tusks and bones of walrus, whales and seals. Only now is that ancient ivory being unearthed. Excavated by the descendants of the primitive Eskimos that worked it. Minerals absorbed from the surrounding soil have given the buried ivory beautiful natural tones of cream, brown, blue, red, green and black.

Because this exquisite walrus ivory is thousand of years old, no animals were killed to collect it. Your purchase of this rare ivory helps support todays Alaskan Yupik Eskimos who earn a portion of their livelihood by digging for this precious organic gem material during the short summer thaw.

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