Large Sperm Whale Tooth Fiji-Tabua


Large Sperm Whale Tooth Fiji-Tabua tabua is a polished tooth of a sperm whale that is an important cultural item in Fijian society, considered a "chiefly thing”. They were traditionally given as gifts for atonement or esteem and were important in negotiations between rival chiefs.  A Tabua has holes drilled through the tip and the butt, and a braided sennit cord is attached, tho they were not worn.  This tooth is one pound which is a very large tooth.  It appears to have been repurposed a long time ago, it was flattened on the back so it lays flat and has a hole, possibly it was pegged to a base at one time, we don’t know. It is an artifact and very large, could be scrimshawed or not-$625  On sale-$575.  This cannot be sold or shipped out of Washington state due to Federal Law.  Disclaimer: The ruler in the photo came from our wonderful Quilcene federal salmon hatchery, I like it because it is short ,made of wood and handsome.  We are not affiliated with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service:)

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