Mammoth ivory dust


MOSTLY MAMMOTH IVORY POWDER dust collected from our band saws and belt sanders, is approximately 95% genuine mammoth ivory but will probably include up to 5% pre act walrus ivory, sea cow rib bone and oosik powder.  The color is light tan as shown, it is like flour, we have sifted it through a 1/4"  screen to remove the occasional chip and lint.  Great for something like gardening, make your own ivory black, add epoxy and make cast mammoth ivory, how about as a prehistoric organic calcium supplement  (for your pet:{).   U. S. sales only because of the walrus.  The price for a pound is $18.50  pound  (1-3 pounds), which includes shipping, (we will refund the $7.50 shipping you will be charged due to our system).  Over 3 pounds inquire, limited supply

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