Narwhal Ivory Wand / Pointer - W4


Narwhal Ivory Wand / Pointer,  thicker and  polished smooth.  Unique 8 1/8" long x  1/2"width x 1/4" thick. A conversation piece, can be cut for pendants, jewelry or other projects. 

Narwhal Tusk Section a piece we acquired from the Houston collection brought into Seattle in the 1950’s from the Inuit village of Pond Inlet, Nunavut Canada. This 1 7/8" diameter  x 1" Tall thick tusk section is polished on both ends to highlight the beautiful grain pattern and light polished on all sides. For display or jewelry cross cuts. Shows the beautiful twisting pattern unique to narwhal ivory. We do not cut narwhal tusks, this is a rare opportunity.

When our limited stock of genuine pre-1972 narwhal tusk ivory pieces is gone there will be no more…forever-Ships Free , US Sales ONLY! 

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