Narwhal Ivory Crosscut (F)


Narwhal Tusk Ivory Pendant perfect specimen (crack free) cross cut slice of a narwhal tusk was obtained in the mid 1900’s, this beautiful slice is 2” in diameter and a bit under 1/8” thick and polished on both sides.  Shows the thick outer layer of cementum and the unique to narwhal ivory white ring separating the interior primary dentine with growth rings.  Comes with a satin cord this the only one for sale in the world.  We have 2 that came from the same tusk.

This Narwhal cross cut reveals the unique and beautiful interior of this rarest of ivories, we are the only place in the world selling these. Polished on both sides  and hung on a dark blue cord for a pendant or display.  1/4" x Approx. 2" dia. A beautiful piece. 

Made from tusks that were imported from Pond Inlet Nunivat Canada in the 1960’s by the J. L. Houston Company of Seattle.  We hand made this pendant from stock we acquired from the Houston Company in 2013 before they closed their doors forever.  When our stock is gone there will be no more, narwhal can no longer be imported into the U.S. (since 1972).

Narwhals, the mysterious unicorns of the sea, live in the Arctic Ocean and grow to about 18' (not including the tusk). The males grow an elongated tooth that spirals out clockwise to form a tusk reaching 9' in length. This ivory tusk has been attributed with the creation of the unicorn legends. The tusks have a small hollow that runs nearly the full length, the ivory has no grain or core like elephant, mammoth or walrus but looks more like sperm whale ivory with a pencil sized hollow. Narwhals have been a protected species since 1972 and importation is prohibited. We have a selection of old tusks for sale that were imported in the mid-1900s and are legal to sell anywhere in the U.S. (with the exception of New Jersey). These are extremely rare if you can find one. Now is your opportunity to own the rarest, most mysterious, unique and beautiful of the ivories and at a reasonable price.

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