Large Sperm Whale Tooth pre 1972 - Sold 1.24.22


Sperm Whale Tooth acquired from a Washington state resident who was in the Azores with his family as a child in the 1960's, his father bought whale teeth for the children (pretty cool Dad). Up until 1987 whaling crews still hunted whales from rowed wooden longboats.  This tooth was smoothed and trimmed there and weighs over 14 ounces, it was a pound when it was taken from the whale, it is a large tooth. This tooth was slightly flattened on the back side so it would lay well, it will also stand upright.  We do not recommend scrimshawing or reworking this tooth,  the lovely natural pattern on the surface might absorb ink. This cannot be sold or shipped out of Washington state due to Federal Law. Please do not order this if you do not live in Washington State, we will cancel and refund the order, a waste of your time and ours.

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