SCRIMSHAWED WALRUS “Mask” SKULL WITH TUSKS - the tusks are 21” long, and extended 1/2 skull has Alaskan native scrimshaw of a killer whale on one side, a humpback whale on the other and a walrus on top. It is mounted on an oak plaque with an engraved map of Alaska and Russia with a walrus and the words “Cape Lisbourne”. This mask is legal to sell, because it is Alaskan native artwork. This masked is estate purchased (WMCL016) and weighs nearly 17 pounds, priced at only-$2,400.00  and free shipping.

All the walrus masks we sell are from the 1900’s and are being reintroduced into the market, they are decades old, always purchased in the lower 48 from previous owners. We do not buy any of these in Alaska where they are still being hunted for food. Some of ours are pre 1972 and others have native Alaskan scrimshaw, both are legal to buy and sell. No one is hunting walrus to supply us with these; they are all “recycled”.

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