Walrus Oosik Penile Bone Section 02


Walrus Oosik Penile Section 8 1/4” long 1 1/4” diameter nice tan color under the  surface. Dense material on one end and more pourous bulb on the other end suitable for handle material, jewelry slices or spacer material - $58

Excavated from the ancient Yupik Eskimo village Kukuluk (coo coo' look) and traditional hunting camp sites (dating up to 10,000 years old) on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea.  Oosik (pronounced "oo' sik") is the Eskimo word for the walrus penile bone (baculum).  Years of burial have given the bone a range in color from rich brown to creamy eggshell.   This unique dense bone is perfect for jewelry, carving, knife handles or collecting.

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