Remove grips and frame pin from gun.

Fit upper corner of grips to the gun frame.

Once upper corner is perfect, carefully hold in place and drill frame pinhole by running drill bit through hole in frame, being careful no to drill to deep.

Replace pin and place one grip on frame, very carefully trace outside and upper corner with a sharpened pencil (the pencil line is your “fudge factor”).

Sand down outside edges to line, being careful not remove to much. Now start shaping desired grip contour (staying away from the pencil line for now).

Go back to the top and sand the flat area down to desired thickness. Then working downward, blend into contour. Once the flattened area and contour are roughed in, its time for the 400 grit sandpaper. Start hand sanding to blend even more off the contours together.

Start crowding those pencil lines. Keep going until about half of the pencil lines are gone. Check on the frame again to make sure your lines are correct.

Buff the grips, looking for scratches missed in hand sanding. Now sand what is left of the lines away to match frame perfectly, and buff again.

For the bottom bevel, match bevel of factory grips to sander table and sand down to line traced earlier. Place 400 grit sandpaper on something really flat and sand bevel to remove scratches left from sander. Leave most of the line and double check fit on frame. Buff the bevel to check for scratches.

Hold grip straight up and slowly sand remaining line until flush with frame. File corners of and blend with contour. Buff, paying extra attention to the corners.

Two piece grips with screw hole:

On one grip panel, place a piece of masking tape down the middle of the shiny side.

Place a factory grip on top and line up with your grip. With a pencil, mark the screw hole position on the tape. With drill press, drill a 1/16” pilot hole through the grip panel.

Hold the other grip panel and match it up with the hole just drilled. Run drill through hole and drill other grip. Measure threaded bushing and drill larger hole to match diameter and depth.

Install bushings with a little crazy glue, applying it with a toothpick in side the hole. Final buff the grips, inspecting for scratches.

One-piece grips with spacer:

Remove frame pin from corner (be sure to leave pin out of frame corner, when gluing the spacer or grips will be permanently attached to the frame). Sand down spacer slightly thinner than frame to allow space for glue.

Hold grip on one side of frame with spacer inside, from the open side with a 9/64” drill bit, drill hole through spacer and slightly into ivory (being careful not to go to deep). Place a brass pin in first hole and then drill the second. Repeat for the second grip. Drill holes a little deeper and trim brass pins to length.

Check fit of grips with spacer and pins, correct fit of pins or holes if needed. Buff grips. With a five‐minute epoxy mix, fill holes in grips with glue and run glue in holes of spacer with toothpick. Then spread a thin layer on both sides of the wood spacer just between

The pins. Assemble on frame checking fit constantly. Wait twenty minutes (remove the back strap and take grips off) and final buff.