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Jan. 22, 2022

This is our 6th trip to Africa in 2 years.

 David and I are currently in West Africa on a prayer team with Joan Hunter and pastor Joe Kirkwood from Amarillo Texas.

We have done 2 big crusades one in Lome, Togo and Bouake, Ivory Coast on this trip. 

We will be ministering in East Africa in smaller churches.

We saw many miracles, deaf ears and blind eyes opened, lame walking and many diseases healed. 

 Jan 22 2023

We finished the crusade last night in Bouake, Ivory Coast. Since there were fewer people maybe 3k it was much easier to lay hands and pray for people. ( there were 60k in Lome, Togo.) We were finally able to communicate to the worship team to keep the volume level of the music at a low so we could pray. Normally the music is sooooo loud that I can feel it vibrating in my body and in. Those I lay my hands on to pray. I wear industrial earplugs and it is still loud, the Africans are in to big speakers and loud music.
We saw many miracles. Since most of us did not have interpreters we had to rely on the Holy Spirit, which is a good thing alway. Communication was by pointing and smiles many if not all received healing. It was beautiful as I witnessed the love of God flow over and envelope each person being prayed for giving peace, hope and an supernatural encounter with God.

Our team of 6 is heading to Abidjan today then flying to Ethiopia and Burundi tomorrow. We are overnighting in Ethiopia 🇪🇹 hopefully we will be able to take a walk about. I have been fascinated with Ethiopia since reading about the early exploration by the British to find the source of the Nile River in the 1800’s, both books , “The White Nile “ and “The Blue Nile “ were fascinating. The endurance and constitution of the early explorers was impressive.

Over 1/2 the team leaves for the states tomorrow and 6 of us head to East Africa.
From here on we will be in small churches and villages ( yeah) making our way to visit Carolyne and the children at the Orphanage in Uganda that we support. We will be able to spend 2 days at the orphanage to facilitate the building of the new orphanage and other projects on the property that Joe and Joan’s ministry purchased. David and I take care of the food, clothing, medical, utiand daily needs as well as thru the support we have received from our brothers and sisters in Christ to have beds made for each child which should be done when we arrive next week. Before we ( all of us) met Carolyne the children were sleeping on the dirt, we bought mattresses for the children to sleep on and they were so excited, now they will have beautiful beds that put them off of the ground . They will be so excited. 

David and I support another ministry in Uganda and will be doing a day seminar on teaching pastors how to pray effectively with power and authority given to us by Jesus. This group does  mostly street ministry in Kampala.

It is such an adventure, privilege and blessing to be part of what God is doing here,

Todays bus ride for the most part is on new and beautiful roads which will not be the case in Uganda and Kenya I cannot speak for Rwanda but we hear it is a very clean country. I found Togo and Ivory Coast to be clean in contrast to other countries we have visited in Africa.



                                                March 2019

I work for this guy, his name is Jesus, and he is awesome.  As good as life is, it just keeps getting better.  A couple days a week I spend the day in Port Townsend the county seat.  I sit in on the Jefferson county superior and district therapeutic courts, Drug Court, Behavioral Therapy Court and Family Court, I encourage the participants, I talk with them about God, I pray with them.  I go into the county jail (I have a clergy card that gets me in without the cuffs) and visit with people in there on drug and alcohol related charges and I share the Good News, that if they are tired of that destructive lifestyle there is a solution.  I tell them there really is one who has all power and is able to do for us what we have not been able to do for ourselves.  I share a little of my story of what I have seen God do, the miracles of healing and deliverance in my life.  I can only tell them a little because of time limitations but also because I have witnessed the Lord do things that many minds would dismiss as impossible and preposterous, so I just don't go there.  There will be a free copy of the book I am writing for anyone from the jail or court, they can read about it.  For instance Mariann and I  know of many people that have been raised from the dead and a few we actually know (Dean Braxton, google him).  We know people that have prayed for a dead person and the dead have come back.  We have witnessed creative miracles close up and in person.  A favorite one was where missing feet (a mid 30 year old woman only had heels, no feet) grew back in response to a simple prayer of faith by Dr. James Maloney ("I command new feet to grow in the name of Jesus").  Mariann and I and about 8 other people sat next to that woman and watched her feet grow out in very slow motion (45 minutes). What began as heels alone grew out into arches, balls and then toes.  Absolutely impossible, except for the Creator, talk about a paradigm shift.  Those things and so many others are the reason I have faith to go and speak boldly, to pray for and with others, I thank God for that.  I get to see what happens when a person receives that good news and begins a conversation and a relationship with their true Father, another creative miracle.  So that is why I am out of the office a couple days a week sometimes more working my other job, adventuring with God.

                                                  July 2018

Just a quick note to say I am back from my Oregon winter camping trip (6 months at Sheridan Oregon Federal Camp). The time flew by and it was far better than I could have imagined. As many know, when you have a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and are aware of his love and presence and his desire to partner with us to reach others, life is a great adventure no matter where you are. In some respects it was the most fruitful 6 months of my life so far, I was immersed in a community that was not distracted or in a hurry and many were interested in the power of God. I witnessed the Lord answer prayers for healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus, it was awesome. Every day was good. I also lost some weight, got an exercise program and can now jog 5 miles (a dedicated smoker of 40 years, who would have thought it possible?!). Thank you for your support and encouragement, I will write more later.  He who the Son sets free is free indeed!

                                                         Oct. 2017

I David Boone will be out of the office until May 1st 2018 my wife and business partner Mariann will be doing my job and hers and here is why.  For decades up until 2008 I had a  substance abuse problem, cocaine and methamphetamine.  I made a lot of bad decisions usually every day because I did drugs every day.  I lied about it, my family did not see much of me,  they did not know what my problem was.  About the only thing I did right for years was good quality products, good service and great customer satisfaction.  The business has a good reputation, but my moral compass was broken. 

                                                 The story
 We buy and resell pre 1972 narwhal tusks and have for decades.  Then I bought some narwhal tusks from a man named Greg Logan who represented himself as  living in Maine. He collected narwhal tusks on the east coast cleaned them up and sold them, I asked him and he told me they were pre 1972, like the ones I had been buying and selling for years, I was thrilled.  Well his were beautiful and I suspected that they may not be as represented but I figured what I did not know could not hurt me (poor judgement and ethics).  I bought from him for a few years. Then a customer asked for documentation (documentation is not required by the government) so I asked Greg for some simple statements, not a bad idea right?  What he supplied me was so horribly wrong and his name appeared nowhere that I had no doubt then that they were not pre-1972.  I got really scared and stopped communication with him but…after awhile my greed got the better part of me and I called him up for more.  I did not know or want to know the details but I knew he could not give me any statements with his name on them, I did not care, I wanted them.  I was not the only one that bought from him, he sold tusks on eBay and to many other dealers in the U.S. I found out later, many of them had better judgement and stopped doing business when he would not supply statements.  He was being watched and was investigated, his buyers were investigated so I became investigated.

 We buy and resell pre 1972 whale teeth in the state of Washington, they are legal to sell here but cannot be shipped across state lines for commercial purposes.  Five years ago a man came to our store supposedly visiting from Minnesota. He bought a few items and while here he looked at our selection of pre 1972 Washington legal teeth which were legal for him to buy here.  He called back sometime later and wanted to buy whale teeth and have them shipped, I said no we cannot do that it is illegal but if you buy them we will ship them to a Washington address if you know someone and that person can ship your teeth to you.  It seemed legal to me, he would own them after we collected the funds, we would ship to his friend in Spokane and the friend would ship to him.  That did not seem like interstate shipping for commercial purposes, I was wrong, the buyer was an agent and that was a violation that I did not find out about right away.  Next a different undercover agent came and offered me a walrus skull and tusks with a tag which I knew was not legal to buy or sell, she said it was her boyfriends who pulled it up in a fishing net and got it tagged so he could legally own it.  She said he left owing her money and she wanted to sell it to get her money back. The tag indicated that it could be possessed but never sold,  I bought it and cut the tag off another violation.  Months later the agent that was posing as a customer from Minnesota came wanting a walrus skull, and bought the skull that I had bought from the other agent (knowing I still had it.)  Those violations were enough for U.S.F.W to get a warrant and on 12/12/12 we were raided and all of our inventory of legal pre 1972 whale teeth, walrus ivory and narwhal ivory was seized, along with our records and computers.  The agents then informed me that Greg Logan was actually a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police and that he only posed as a U.S. citizen with a Maine address and bank account.  He was buying the legally hunted narwhal tusks from the Inuit native stores (legal to buy and sell in Canada) and bringing them across the border in a false bottom trailer.  He was selling them to many dealers with the same story he gave me.   I was well into recovery from my addiction to drugs by then, taking responsibility and honesty are indispensable so I plead guilty because I was and agreed to cooperate, I offered to fly to Canada at my expense to testify for the Canadian government against Logan if they needed me.  Contrary to what most news stories reported I did not testify against anyone (you just can't believe the news but we all know that right?).

 I agreed to abandon all my legal ivory the government seized in exchange for them not going to our customers and retrieving the tusks we had bought from Logan and sold,  I was happy to do that exchange.  I was fined and given a 6 month sentence in a prison camp, I will make really good use of it, I can work on the book on recovery and miracles I have not been working on.  The judge was very fair.  I was given so much mercy by the government, I am so appreciative of the kindness and respect given. Moral of the story, don't drink excessively or do drugs, don't have flexible ethics, but above all get into a relationship with your Daddy, the Lord for healing, forgiveness, peace and joy!  

Obviously we are still in business and still selling the same things, I am careful now about documentation. We are ivory recyclers, no one is hunting animals to supply us with our ivory, none of the ivory in this story was from animals that were poached or taken from animals that were endangered, this was not creating a demand or a market.  These were regulation violations I was guilty of.  In the court room I apologized to every one from the government involved and I thanked everyone involved. I especially appreciate what God has done for me, my passion now is not business or poor choices, my joy now comes from spending time with hopeless people caught in addiction, talking to them about the the Father and Jesus, value of honesty, integrity, forgiveness, repentance and the amazing power of God to transform really bad situations into good when He is sought.  He did it for me and I have seen him do it for many others and that gives me great joy.  So I will be out of the office until May 1st, I am "camping" in Oregon for the winter, I am leaving today to self surrender by the (Nov) 1st.  I am certain this will be an amazing 6 month experience and I am eager to go.  Meanwhile my wonderful wife and partner of 43 years Mariann will be doing what she does best, getting things done quickly.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'll be back...spring out!  

                                              The good news

* I was set free from the bondage of substance addictions (tobacco too) and alot of junk in one moment on 11/5/11 by the power of the living God as I walked onto my front porch.  I heard myself say "Jesus doesn't want a bride that smokes".  In that moment my brain was ever so subtly "rewired", my addictions vanished, thank you Lord!  It was the most astonishing thing that had ever happened in my life to that date, it woke me up to the reality of God and his love and ability, I am working on a book. "The Supernatural Cure".


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