WE SOMETIMES BUY PRE 1972 NARWHAL TUSKS and WALRUS TUSKS, skulls, masks and oosiks, we don't buy any elephant ivory or ivory jewelry.  How do you know if your walrus or narwhal tusk is pre 1972?  You would know this if it has been in your family’s possession that long or if the previous owner told you this.  If for example you got a tusk at a garage sale or auction and don’t know anything about the history we are not interested in buying it because you do not know if it is pre 1972 ivory.  If you have walrus or narwhal ivory that you know is pre 1972 call or email (see CONTACT US.  If we agree to buy your pre 1972 walrus or narwhal ivory we will email you an affidavit that you will be required to fill out, sign and include that states to the best of your knowledge and belief the ivory you are selling Boone Trading Company is pre-1972.  Thank you.

CALL 1-800-423-1945