The Laws:

There are various federal laws regulating ivory and now some states have enacted ivory laws.

It is legal under federal law to buy/sell walrus and narwhal ivory possessed before the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.  Alaskan natives are allowed to hunt walrus and work with the walrus ivory under an exemption of the Mammal Protection Act.

 Google your states ivory laws to find out more.  No ivory products will be shipped to New Jersey due to their state law.  No Mammoth ivory will be shipped to New York due to New York state law.

 We ONLY ship Whale Teeth within Washington State.  

 We do not ship walrus, narwhal, hippo or whale ivory ivory outside of the United States, due to federal law, same with polar bear fur.

We ship mammoth ivory everywhere in the world except India (due to their new law), if you live outside the U.S. check the law of your country to make sure it is permissible to import this ancient material.  For further details on federal laws go to

As of December 2015 buying and selling of legally imported preban elephant ivory became illegal due to voter approval of a ballot initiative I-1401 in Washington state. We sold all of our elephant ivory inventory before the law took effect in December 2015.  Federal regulation changed the following year essentially ending the interstate commerce of legally imported (preban and antique) African elephant ivory.