Pre 1972 Narwhal Ivory 1911 Grips *SALE PRICE*


This is only the 4th pair we have made in 47 years of business, the last set we made was over 7 years ago.  Made from a very fat section of pristine un cracked pre 1972 narwhal tusk we have had for years.  This ivory was brought into the U. S. over 53 years ago from Canada when there were no restrictions.  This is the interior of the tusk with the unique to narwhal yellowish over white cementum (bark) over the interior dentine (ivory).  The rarest of the rare, we recommend putting these on a display gun rather than a shooter, replacement would not be an option.  Glare at the top is from the lights, screws are the Swirl and can be ordered.  No bobtail butt cut option or amby safety cut on these.

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