Colt D-Frame Oversized with Finger Grooves Simulated Ivory Pistol Grips


Colt D-Frame Simulated Ivory Pistol Grips with screw. Very nice grips, these are carved from solid sheet stock, sanded and hand polished, not cast or molded, these are superior to other imitation ivory grips on the market. 

These will fit the short square butt grip frame which were made after 1966: Police Positive and Police Positive Special, Detective Special, Commando Special, Cobra, Agent, Diamondback, Police Positive MK V, Viper, and Courier.  These will not fit the 2017 Cobra.  The butt of the frame does not extend to the bottom of the grip.  If you see metal at the bottom of your current grips these will not fit your gun.  The metal back strap shows from the back, the metal frame butt does not.

Your choice of medallions is an additional $15.00 per pair.

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