If you've contacted us and made "an appointment" for your visit to our showroom to assure we will be here and not having an "unscheduled closure" here is some extra help locating our remote piece of paradise in the woods. Don't rely on GPS, print this out.  Our showroom is best by-appointment so please phone ahead to schedule your visit at (800) 423.1945.

                Pictorial Driving Directions to Boone Trading Company
                                             562 Coyote Road
                                       Brinnon, Washington 98320

Take Hwy 101 towards Brinnon. Approx. at milepost 310, 5 miles south of Brinnon and just north of the Duckabush river is the Duckabush Road, turn west onto the Duckabush Road at this big brown sign.

Go 2.2 miles on the Duckabush road, you will go past the beautiful sign for THE REFUGE on the left. This is the landmark to look for, the very next driveway (300 feet) is Coyote Road, turn left off on to Coyote Road.

You will see the Coyote Road sign (shown below) on the right side of the driveway nailed to a tree.

800 feet later the road forks, keep to the left.

The road winds through the woods and crosses a quaint little bridge and goes up over the hill.

On the other side of the hill at the bottom the road forks, go to the right.

After you take this right you will drive straight for less that 1/8 mile and the road will bring you directly to our office building.
Welcome - you have arrived!