1911 American Ivory Compact Model Pistol Grips (OM02)


AMERICAN IVORY TM is a new lab created material we are working with that is unlike and superior to any other simulated, imitation or faux ivory because it has varying vertical grain AND end grain that looks just like elephant ivory.   Every set is unique and takes a very high polish just like elephant ivory.  It is an evolved technology product of the 21st century and is to the new millennium what "French Ivory" was to the 19th century.  It is more expensive because of the manufacturing process but if you want the very best elephant ivory look this is it. This is legal in all states and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

These grips will fit most Officers/Compact sized frames such as Springfield, Taurus, Smith and Wesson, Les Baer, Ruger, Wilson, Kimber and Others.

Available with Standard or Bobtail cut and an ambidextrous safety cut-out if needed. 

Your choice of medallions is an additional $15.00 per pair.

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