Three Wedge Shaped Narwhal Ivory Tusk Pieces - 03


 Narwhal Ivory Tusk pieces -  We will send you a Narwhal wedge shaped piece with Certificate of Authenticity, we will pick the pieces. They will be this approximate length and width with the natural outside edge. This saves us from taking photos of each lot. The pieces in the photo are not the pieces you will receive. 

Size range approx. 2" long x 7/16"-1/2" on the angled sides.

Narwhal Ivory Tusk pieces. Dirty ivory can be scrubbed with soap and water and a tooth brush to take off the dirt.  Sanding and buffing also take of the dirt and make it glassy smooth and transform it into beautiful jewelry.  When our limited stock of genuine pre-1972 narwhal tusk ivory pieces is gone there will be no more…forever.

We are selling off these pieces that came from the J.L. Houston Company, a company that imported and used all types of ivory in their manufacturing for the Alaskan ivory trade from the 1950’s until the 1990’s. This narwhal ivory was imported in the 1960’s from Pond Inlet, Nunavut Canada where the narwhal are still hunted by the Inuit. They switched over to gold and silver jewelry manufacturing and finally closed their doors forever a few years ago. We will never have this material again. Approx 2" lengths.

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