Polar Bear Fur


A skin from the 1960’s that was tanned 5 years ago, so it is unlike any other we have ever had.  Gorgeous fur with nice sheen, longest strands are over 3” long.  We generally cut and sell this in strips 1” wide by the length you want but may be able to cut in wider strips if you have a particular need for that. Pieces are measured and cut on the hide side ( example is 1"x1" sq.). Selling fast, not much left, don’t wait long if you want some - $15.00 per square inch of hide.  U. S. A. sales only.

If you would like to order fur in a particular configuration for a specific use you have. Example a 2” x 2” square (4 square inches) or a 1” wide strip by 12” long (12 square inches) then please call or email when you order with those instructions and we will cut your order as specified.

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