polar bear fur


This is short and curly polar bear fur about 3/4” long, nothing else like it and we don’t have much. Get it while you can, just because there is no substitute and no new supply. We measure on the hide side, on sale-$4.00 per square inch.  U. S. A. sales only.

If you order 1" of polar bear fur you will receive a 1" x 1" square pc. If you order say 2" of polar bear fur you will receive a pc that is 1" wide x 2" long . The pc. will be 1" wide by whatever length you order. 

 If you would like to order fur in a particular configuration for a specific use you have. Example a 2” x 2” square (4 square inches) or a 1” wide strip by 12” long (12 square inches) then please call or email when you order with those instructions and we will cut your order as specified.

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