Scrimshawed Bull Walrus Mask 06


Bull Walrus Mask (aka nose plate) has 20” long tusks exposed and is 27” overall top to tips and has all 8 palate teeth.  This mask has scrimshawed/engraved native Alaskan scenes by Palmer Shagoonik of the Inupiaq village of Shaktoolik.  Palmer has an internet presence and some interesting audio interviews that can be listened to regarding the dangers climate change pose for his village, also an interesting series of interviews of his Reindeer herding years.  This fine mask from the last century is only $2950 and comes with free shipping.  The frontier village interview links are:  (Palmers brother Ernest has a good short interview after Palmers) Same but with a photo and typed interview no audio. Palmers reindeer herding legacy, this is very good.

( Not for sale in NJ)

All the walrus masks we sell are from the 1900’s and are being reintroduced into the market, they are decades old, always purchased in the lower 48 from previous owners. We do not buy any of these in Alaska where they are still being hunted for food. Some of ours are pre 1972 and others have native Alaskan scrimshaw, both are legal to buy and sell. No one is hunting walrus to supply us with these; they are all “recycled”.

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