Sperm Whale Teeth Hollows 01


The lower portion of pre 1972 sperm whale teeth, nearly solid at the cut end and thin on the other.  Cut for hoop earrings, scrimshaw, carving.  This is one pound, we only have 15 pounds.  See below for details on ordering, then call 1-800-423-1945

WASHINGTON STATE SALES ONLY we have a small quantity of nice quality natural pre 1972 vintage teeth, purchased from the estate of the Kenneth Fujioka the 1950’s era shop foreman at the now defunct J. L. Houston Company of Seattle that imported tons of ivory for manufacturing their extensive line of whale ivory jewelry and carvings during the 1950’s-1970’s. These are for sale in Washington State only and cannot be sold or shipped in interstate commerce. There are two ways to buy these: #1-if you live in Washington State you can call for the price and we will email you images and you can order over the phone or #2 you can buy them in our store.  If you don’t live in Washington State please don’t inquire about buying this, please don’t call from out of state and ask what the price is or if we can ship to someone you know in Washington State. We only sell them here on site or to people who live in Washington State. If you live in Washington State you can call and order them over the phone if your credit card billing address is also a Washington State address.  

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