Walrus Mask Skull with Tusks 01
Boone Trading Company $3,200.00 $2,895.00


Bull Walrus Mask This is the front or nose of the walrus skull with the tusks and the teeth that are in the palate. A large handsome fellow with 20” long tusks, this one is unique because it also has the front of the jaw with the teeth, which is rarely included in a mount.  Taken in the 1940’s as food in a village, this mask was given as a gift by the village to the pilot of a military cargo plane that brought live Musk Ox to the village to raise.  We have purchased this from the daughter.  Great display with a good story, only-$3,200.

All the walrus masks we sell are from the 1900’s and are being reintroduced into the market, they are decades old, always purchased in the lower 48 from previous owners. We do not buy any of these in Alaska where they are still being hunted for food. Some of ours are pre 1972 and others have native Alaskan scrimshaw, both are legal to buy and sell. No one is hunting walrus to supply us with these; they are all “recycled”.

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