Fossil Walrus Half Mask 37
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Walrus Skull Partial - beach find, tumbled and smooth partial skull of a bull walrus with a very fat tusk, complete with 3 molars in the palate. The tusk is 17” long and 8 1/2” in circumference, the length from the top of the skull to the tip  of the tusk around the curve is 26” and the weight is 14 pounds.  The skull is broken to expose the other tusk socket which is very cool to see. This is hundred of years old and is bone and ivory, not stone.  For display or could be cut up, just the tusk is worth this price, includes free shipping and insurance!

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Excavated on St. Lawrence Island by Eskimo people known as Siberian Yupik. For over 5,000 years the Yupiks had villages along the Bering Sea and fashioned sled runners, net weights, chopping tools and other utensils out of readily available ivory. That ivory became hidden from the world for centuries, when it was discarded in the village middens (dumps) along with tusks and bones of walrus, whales and seals. Only now is that ancient ivory being unearthed, excavated by the descendants of the primitive Yupiks that worked it.

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