Hippo Ivory Peg Tusk 05


Ivory hippo peg tusks are excellent for knife or cane handles, carving or scrimshaw.  With short hollows, no enamel or a very narrow strip at top and are not prone to cracking.  Some hippo tusks have small natural imperfections, we will try to show then in our photos when possible.  This tusk has a battle scarred tip but solid and no cracks.

This tusk is approximately 3/4" to 7/8" in diameter by 6" long, measured around outside and depth of the hollow is marked with a pencil line. 

Hippo Tusks are for U.S. SALES ONLY!!! 
For International sales - see our  Mammoth Ivory and Bone  Collection.

Hippopotamus are dangerous animals and a serious problem in many parts of Africa, and account for more human deaths per year than crocodiles and poisonous snakes combined.  Because of this populations are frequently thinned out through government culling operations.  The meat, hides, and ivory are all kept and utilized, the hippo ivory we sell comes from Tanzanian government sanctioned culling operations.

For an additional $10.00 the tusk you purchase will be buffed to enhance its natural beauty!

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