Mammoth Ivory 3mm Bead Strand


Exquisite polished beads made from richly grained prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory tens of thousands of years old. Mammoth beads have a creamy natural ivory color with variations that are caused by mineral absorption from millennia of burial in the tundra soil. We have them in natural ivory color or natural light brown tones as per your request.

3mm beads: 122 beads loose in a bag not on a string == 13.5" if strung.

We can make you a necklace to the length you desire (divide the price of the strand by 13.5 to get the per inch price and multiply by the length you want, then add the cost of the ivory clasp if desired and $40.00 stringing charge for a 13.5" necklace double for a longer necklace. You will need to call to order strung necklaces.

Note: It's advisable to not allow the mammoth ivory beads to come in contact with water; be sure to remove them before swimming or bathing.

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