Sperm Whale Teeth (Pre-1972 Washington State Legal) January photo (click to view)


All sold, more in March.  Genuine Whales teeth for small Fijian tabua, display, scrimshaw, carving, pendants  1.75"- 2.25" tall.  These are small teeth (see quarter for scale) and all have a cone shaped hollow, genuine whale ivory, nicely polished.  These are priced as marked, you can't buy them thru this page, you have to call.  We can't sell to people that call from out of state, please don't ask, if you live here but have an out of state cell phone number that's ok, we get it, read below for the details.  Purchasers will get an invoice and a certificate that states these are pre 1972 Sperm whale teeth legal to buy and sell in Washington state. There is an $8.50 shipping/handling charge and WA sales tax for your county.  

To Order: Just call, we will take your order over the phone and ship to you in Washington State.  You can't order from this page because people ordered from out of state so we phone ordereing is the only way now. Thank you.

WASHINGTON STATE SALES ONLY we have a few remaining pre 1972 vintage teeth purchased from the estate of Kenneth Fujioka the 1950’s era shop foreman at the now defunct J. L. Houston Company of Seattle that imported tons of ivory for manufacturing their extensive line of whale ivory jewelry and carvings during the 1950’s-1970’s.

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