Colt one piece single action army simulated ivory grips


These will fit a second or 3rd generation Colt SAA (probably not clones or other manufacturers) and with a little crafting will achieve the 1-piece look. You get 2 panels, the spacer and 2 pins, instructions are at the link below. Drilling and glueing the spacer and grips required along the possibility of  some sanding and re-polishing. Read the instructions below first.

For non Colt S.A.A. see our separate listing for the Single Action Simulated Ivory Grips One or Two Piece Kit - Hartford, Cimmaron, Umberti, Denex, U.S. Arms and others. That kit will allow grips for these guns in one piece look (with spacer and pins) or two piece (with screw and escutcheons) your choice. They are very oversized and will require sanding and polishing to fit any gun, instructions are on a link below or on the page you will order those from. 

1 Piece-Look-Grip-Fitting-Instructions:

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